Shakira’s “Acrostic” Breaks Records on Spotify, Dethrones Beyoncé, and Sparks Controversy with Gerard Piqué

After a difficult year for Shakira, due to the breakup with Gerard Piqué after almost 12 years of relationship, the singer continues to receive good news for her talent in music. acrosticthe most recent song, which was not only dedicated to his children Sasha and Milan, today he has just received recognition, which adds to the many already accumulated for his musical themes.

The music platform Spotify announced on May 30 that the Colombian singer broke a record with her song, exceeding more than 50 million streams. But, what has most caught the attention of her followers, the thing is acrostic dethroned the also American singer Beyoncé, who led with her song Break My Soul.

so the barranquillera She became the artist, of the female gender, who has achieved the highest number of reproductions on the platform with a song in just 18 days.

Shakira in her most recent hit song ‘Acrostico’. – Photo: Photo: fotograma, 0.21, Shakira – Acrostic (Official Video), Shakira, Youtube

“’Acrostico’ has surpassed 50 million views on Spotify in 18 days. Sets a new record for the fastest solo song by a female artist to do sosurpassing Beyoncé’s ‘Break my soul’ (19 days)”, can be seen in the statement published by Spotify.

Undoubtedly, the interpreter of Congratulations He shared a message thanking the support of his most loyal followers: “Thank you for your support of the sweetest collaboration in my history!”

acrostic, the fourth song since Shakira ended with Piqué, implied her return to ballads, after interpreting reggaeton with Ozuna, a ‘tiradera’ against the soccer player by Bizarrap and a danceable TQJ with Karol G.

But the most striking thing about the song is that it is a dedication to Milan and Sashathe two children he had with Gerard Piqué and with whom he moved to Miami a little over a month ago, after years of living together in Barcelona, ​​where the former soccer player and his new love stayed: Clara Chía Martí.

Milan and Sasha, sons of Piqué sing in Shakira’s song, acrostic – Photo: photogram, 2.54, Shakira – Acrostic (Official Video), Shakira, Youtube

The Colombian was not only showered with praise for such touching verses of the song, but also for the interpretation with Sasha, who stole the stare for such a melodious voice, and Milan, the older of the two brothers, playing the piano. Although Piqué did not like it very much.

As it became known, the former soccer player would take legal action against the Colombian for custody of their children. Until now, said custody has been reflected in the following way: the children will officially live with Shakira, who has permanent custody, but with the exception that Piqué has 10 days a month with the children and is entitled to enjoy 70% of vacations. summer for the little ones and Christmas, thus giving the Catalan a balance in times to be with his offspring, whom he will try to keep as far away as possible from his new girlfriend.

However, the weeks passed, Shakira went to live with the children in Miami and what was thought to be a new scenario ended up making things worse, since the freedom of the Colombian in the United States has generated several media tsunamis and the last included the two little ones, all within the release of the singer’s latest song, acrosticat first it was launched with a very emotional lyric video and then finished off its reception with an official video where Milan and Sasha appear singing and playing the piano.

This would have exhausted Piqué’s patience, since national media such as The National of Catalonia affirm that the Spaniard had no idea of ​​this participation of the children in the clip, which would have generated a new meeting with his group of lawyers, Well, he will not miss the opportunity to demonstrate that the children’s privacy is being violated next to their mother.

Gerard Piqué's parents have not been well since the video came out
Gerard Piqué’s parents have not been well since the video came out – Photo: YouTube: Video ‘Acrostic’ (Shakira)/Getty

Now, there is another aspect that adheres to the discontent of the Catalan: the exposure of children in Miami. There are hundreds of journalists, photojournalists and paparazzi who crowd around Shakira’s house to get a photo and this can violate the rights of the boysa matter that is not only strict in Miami, as it also happened in Barcelona.

But Piqué is sure that with all the boom that acrostic It will be much more difficult to make sure that the paparazzi are not after their little ones, especially when Shakira is taking them to most of the events that are on her social agenda, which has increased by 300% compared to what she had in Spain. and where he has met different personalities from the international jet-set, such as actor Tom Cruise, countless singers, former Burberry creative director Riccardo Tisci and many more.

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