Shakira’s message to women by breaking the record

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The renowned and talented singer from Barranquilla, Shakira, has been going through a whole process of rupture, separation and division of assets with former soccer player Gerard Piqué. In the midst of all this controversy, he decided to release a song, together with the DJ Shavingin which he speaks directly of the damage that the Spanish would have done to him.

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Due to all the controversy of this separation and their respective reactions, the song has already broken several records both on YouTube and on Spotify, which would show that Shakira is “billing” the tusa as expected.

On this occasion, in the stories of his Instagram account with more than 81 million followers, the woman from Barranquilla shared the good news that she has become the first woman to be the Latin artist with the most monthly listeners in the history of Spotifysurpassing even the singer who is commanding the parade today, Bad Bunny.

By sharing this new record that he broke with his song, Shakira wanted to send a message to all her female fans, since the record clearly has to do with empowerment. feminine that he has been talking about so much.

“I am humbled and grateful, even though I am only one among millions of women who have so much to say and offer. Women of all races, ages and conditions. Thank you for your loyalty and support ”wrote the famous Colombian in the text of her story.

Let’s remember that the song has several references both for Piqué as for Clara Chía, the athlete’s new girlfriend, and that this has made many question Shakira’s feminism and “sorority”, Well, they have mentioned that it was not appropriate for him to compare women and make the new love of his wife feel inferior. Gerard.

However, many fans from Barranquilla have come out to defend her, saying that support among women is lost when they do something bad to you and that, clearly, Chia doesn’t deserve it.

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