SHAMAN’S DOUBLE: What if the situation is critical?

If the situation of the Russian economy is critical, what will happen next? So fellow Moby Dick asked his wife

December 3, 2015

And the wise lady said,

“Then Russia will start another war.”

For the sixth time – and for the last time – we will follow the alarmingly current notes of Moby Dick, which he recorded in his weekly diary over the past decade.


Saturday, April 18, 2015

“Greece and Russia intend to sign a bilateral agreement under which Greece could receive an advance of 5 billion euros for the construction of the Turkish Stream gas pipeline, which will flow Russian gas to Europe via Turkey and Greece.” (A report by Der Spiegel, unnamed by an unnamed high-ranking member of the SYRIZA party, as the Russian government website Sputnik quotes it with gusto.)

The Muška agency on the Wall also heard this. In the walls of the Kremlin, where a high-ranking member of the Syriza party, a certain unnamed Greek prime minister, was promised by Carpenter President Putin. More precisely – he promised him negotiations about the gas pipeline. Der Spiegel inconspicuously inserted the words of the Russian loan into the Greek Prime Minister himself.

Economic experts doubt the amount of possible payment or economic support of Greece by Russia. It would have to be in dollars or euros (so that Greece has something to pay its European debts) and the Russian Federation does not have enough for itself.

“Who’s talking about economics? This comes from the fund of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. ” (Dead Cat)

Recall that Russia’s conspiracies have already thwarted the construction of the southern branches of European pipelines when Gazprom bought the Kazakh and Azerbaijani gas. Recall that Russia (in cooperation with Germany) bypassed the northern gas pipeline at the bottom of the Baltic Baltic countries and Ukraine. Recall that Russia controlled the Belarusian gas pipelines in promise of cheaper gas for its brothers and (so far) neighbors. Recall that the gas pipeline through Georgia was destroyed by a Soviet Russian direct military invasion. Recall that the Ukrainian gas pipelines are paralyzed by Russian hybrid intervention. Recall the Russian loans of Venezuela and the Russian buckle on the taps of Venezuelan oil. Let us recall the supply of Russian weapons and Russian nuclear power plants to Iran, this sponsor of terrorist organizations. The brothel in Syria and Libya then records Russian gas oil imperialists into cards with a chance that is no longer quite miraculous.

“I don’t know the brothel in Libya, but the Russians have been supporting the brothel in Syria for a long time. (Dead Cat)

“Like an investment in an unsinkable Cyprus-class aircraft carrier.” (Moby Dick)

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Mr. Alexei Miller, the Commander-in-Chief of all Gazprom divisions, arrived in Athens for a short visit. He will meet with Greek Energy Minister Panagiotis Lafazanis to discuss the pipeline. He will also meet with Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras.

“To discuss the creation of the Hellenic Federal Republic.” (Dead Cat)

Monday, November 30, 2015

After the Turks shot down a Russian plane, vibrating over Turkish territory, the Russian squadron, based on a friendly and working mission in Syria, where they support the local turkey ruler Bashar Assad, was equipped with bombs and air-to-air missiles with an effective range of 60 km. This is to “increase your security”.

“In front of Turkish planes.” (Woman Moby Dick)
“Apology in the Russian way.” (Dead Cat)

RF punishes Turkey over initial promises: Embargo has been imposed on imports of Turkish fish, nuts, citrus and tomatoes, which will enter into force on 1.1. 2016.
Fish, nuts, citrus and tomatoes have risen in price in Russia. Brown.

Russia has also frozen the pipeline project, which runs through Turkey to Europe. This involves the abolition of the second southern branch of the gas pipeline from Russia – and the post-Soviet Asian states.
“And where will we get Russian gas?” (Moby Dick)
“The northern pipeline through Germany.” (Woman Moby Dick)
“And the remaining capacity that was to come across the south?” (Moby Dick)
“She’s going to China.” (Dead Cat)

Opinion of the management: Russia has done with gas what it already wanted to do, just waiting for an excuse to be “involuntarily pushed” into this step.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

And what about the Russian economy, now that oil and gas have become so terribly cheaper, and it looks like this situation will last for a few years, is a problem. Of course “The situation is complex, not critical.” Russia has reserves and the government is working on the instructions of a wise farmer.

“And when the situation is critical, what happens next?” (Moby Dick)
“Then Russia will start another war. (Woman Moby Dick)

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Russia’s long-standing efforts to prevent the construction of southern gas pipelines are bearing fruit. Thus, not only Russian gas but also gas from the southern post-Soviet countries will reach Europe.
“What will the poor do? Where will they sell it? If Russia also supplies gas to Russia? ” (Moby Dick)
“Construction will be completed by December 2019.” (Gurbanguli Berdymuhamedov, Turkmen President, during a ceremonial kick to the ground, which began the construction of a gas pipeline to India)


End of statements from Moby Dick’s diary

Shaman’s note 2022: The solution to the current energy crisis is not the import of liquefied gas from Israel (however encouraging news is that Israel can export gas), but the liberation of Ukraine’s gas reserves !!!

See the interview conducted by Martin Tyburec for List of Reports with Ukrainian professor of geology Vitaly Privalov. He says:

“It’s a war for oil and gas. If Ukraine could use all its natural resources, including those around Crimea, it could export gas and oil to the European Union. “

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