Shanghai announces cautious easing after strict corona lockdown

After more than six weeks, the strict corona measures in the Chinese city of Shanghai are gradually being relaxed. Deputy Mayor Chen Tong has announced that businesses will be allowed to reopen “incrementally” starting tomorrow.

Since the beginning of April, the city has been struggling with an outbreak of the contagious omikron variant and efforts are being made to control it with strict rules. At the time, 25 million people had to go into lockdown.

There was a lot of criticism of the extreme measures, partly because people were not allowed to get food and medicines. Delivery platforms were charging extortionate prices or could not handle the high volume of orders.

Much fewer infections reported

With the announced relaxation, supermarkets, hairdressers and pharmacies should be allowed to open again under conditions. These companies must ensure that it does not become too crowded in those places.

Images from earlier of an overcrowded quarantine center in Shanghai:

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