Shanghai media: Shenhua will play a warm-up match against Dalian Jinshiwan on the 22nd – yqqlm

Original title: Shanghai media: Shenhua will play a warm-up match on the 22nd against Dalian Jinshiwan

Sohu Sports News, on May 21st, Beijing time, according to the news from “Thoughtful Shanghai”, Shanghai Shenhua will play a warm-up match on May 22nd against the Chinese champion team Dalian Jinshiwan.

“Thoughtful Shanghai” said that Shenhua, who has been training for nearly 3 months, is finally going to play a warm-up match. On May 22, Shenhua will play the first warm-up match of the training camp. The opponent is the Chinese champion team Dalian Jinshiwan who has just welcomed the veteran Zhou Ting.

After arriving in Dalian from Shanghai on May 7, the entire Shenhua team conducted a 10-day “stay-at-home” isolation medical observation in accordance with Dalian’s epidemic prevention requirements, and resumed training on the 18th. Given that the players have just been quarantined for a long time and the time to resume training is relatively short, the overall strength of Shenhua’s opponents in the first warm-up match is relatively weak.

If the new season of the Chinese Super League kicks off on June 3, Shenhua will arrange two warm-up matches before the start of the game. In addition to the game against Dalian Jinshiwan the day after tomorrow, there will be another appointment on the 28th, and the opponent has not yet been finalized.Return to Sohu, see more


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