Shanghai Media: The National Football Center Defender Unstable Combination Li Tie’s Midfield Arrangement Is Slightly Supported_江光

Original title: Shanghai media: the unstable combination of the national football center and Li Tie’s midfield arrangement is slightly more supportive

Article source: Morning News

Morning News reporter Gan Hui

From the perspective of overall strength, the Chinese team is indeed inferior to Australia, but the result of the final 0:3 defeat is also related to the formation of the head coach Li Tie.

Compared with the previous World Preliminaries 40, Li Tie’s starting lineup did not change much. It was only used by Dabao to replace the injured Tang Miao, Zhang Linpeng pulled to the side and Jiang Guangtai and Yu Dabao combined with two central defenders. The average age of this starting lineup has reached 30+, and the youngest Jiang Guangtai is also 27 years old.

It was the first time that Jiang Guangtai and Yu Dabao, a pair of central defenders, had partnered in the competition. As a result, the two goals conceded in the first half had something to do with them. During the intermission, Li Tie urgently corrected himself and replaced Yu Dabao with Wang Gang and changed to a central defender combination of Zhang Linpeng and Jiang Guangtai.

Li Tie is also a little bit bigger in the arrangement of the midfield. In the face of Australia, which has a relatively strong overall strength, only one midfielder Wu Xi was sent, and the interception power of the midfielder was obviously not enough. The imbalance of offense and defense has led to the team’s overall passiveness.

In order to improve the overall strength of the Chinese team as soon as possible, Chinese football has expended huge financial resources to naturalize players. But whether it was the previous World Preliminary 40 or the China-Australia War in the World Preliminary 12, the number and time of naturalized players were relatively limited. In the starting lineup, Li Tie only sent two naturalized players, Exon and Jiang Guangtai, and used up 5 substitutions in the second half, but Alan and Luo Guofu failed to get a chance.

When talking about the gap with the opponent Australia, Li Tie said: “We must have the courage to challenge opponents who are higher than our own. Australia plays European football and plays very fast on the basis of possession. This is the strength. difference.”Return to Sohu to see more


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