Shanghai received 8.4356 million tourists in the first six days of the Spring Festival holiday. Red tourism is popular, and rivers and rivers are hot.

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Shanghai received 8.4356 million tourists six days before the Spring Festival holiday. Red tourism is popular, and rivers and rivers are hotFly into the homes of ordinary people

Caption: Photo provided by the interviewee of the Yuyuan Lantern Festival (the same below)

On the sixth day of the Spring Festival holiday, the weather in Shanghai was fine, and citizens and tourists were enthusiastic about traveling. Centering on the theme of “Happy Chinese New Year, you will get what you want”, Shanghai’s cultural and tourism departments continue to enrich the market supply, especially the “Red Original Heart Tour” based on red landmarks, and taste the waterfront scenery of Huangpu River and Suzhou Creek. The “river water tour” and the “Shanghai Suburban Ecological Tour” that enjoy the natural scenery of the city’s suburbs provide citizens and tourists with a variety of choices. According to Shanghai tourism big data monitoring, 8.4356 million tourists were received in the six days before the Spring Festival.

During the Spring Festival holiday, the Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism will work with relevant units to fully tap red resources, innovate and enrich the form and content of red tourism, and enhance the narrative and experience of red tourism. Combining the webcast, the First Memorial Hall of the Communist Party of China specially planned “New Year’s Live Streaming New Year’s Eve Together”; planned the Shanghai-style urban archaeological route, fully excavated and publicized the backside of famous historical and cultural streets such as Wukang Road, Shaanxi North Road, Duolun Road, and Yuyuan Road red culture. During the holidays, young people are enthusiastic about participating in red tourism. The flag-raising ceremonies held in red venues such as the First Memorial Hall of the Communist Party of China, the Fourth Fourth Memorial Hall of the Communist Party of China, and the Longhua Martyrs Cemetery attracted a large number of citizens and tourists. Other red tourist attractions (spots) also plan to launch various online activities to further enrich holiday red tourism products.

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The public spaces on both sides of the “one river and one river” are fully connected and open, attracting many citizens and tourists to check in and roam. On the basis of regular essence tours, special charter boats and other products, Pujiang Tours has launched “New Year’s Reunion Dinner”, “New Year’s Buffet”, “Dragon Boat”, Lion Dance to celebrate the New Year, National Wind Guzheng Show and other items, presenting a fusion of vision, hearing and taste. In cooperation with Yu Garden, the “water and land linkage” package with a cruise ship superimposed on the Yuyuan Lantern Festival was launched to give tourists a double welcome experience; The “Birthplace of China” theme cruise interacted with the live broadcast room, and listened to the senior tour guide tell the red story of the original intention. Water tourism on the Suzhou Creek is new, and the opening of the “Tour Suzhou Creek” route has injected new vitality into the construction of world-class waterfront areas, and has also made “Shanghai-style urban archaeology-Suzhou Creek Cruise Terminal City Walk Line” a new favorite of urban strollers . Board the cruise ship and enjoy the “urban show belt” of Suzhou Creek from the water. The ecological beauty and cultural and historical landscape along the line will feast the eyes of citizens and tourists; the large-scale installation art of “Net Red Rabbit Lord” from Zigong, Sichuan Province is unveiled at the Changfeng Park Wharf , sending New Year blessings to tourists on board, attracting many citizens and tourists to check in and take photos. In the first six days of the holiday, more than 56,000 people visited the Pujiang River, a year-on-year increase of more than 200%; Suzhou River cruises were also popular among citizens and tourists.

Caption:“Net Red Rabbit Master” large-scale installation artwork unveiled at Changfeng Park Wharf

Shanghai’s major theme parks and Shanghai’s suburban scenic spots (spots) have launched a variety of special themed activities, making them popular leisure spots for Shanghai citizens and tourists this year. Shanghai Disneyland, Shanghai Wild Animal Park, Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park, Shanghai Happy Valley, etc. launched the Disney Winter Fantasy Ice and Snow Festival, the theme event of “Jade Rabbit Joyful Monkey Welcomes Spring”, Jade Rabbit Prosperity, New Year’s National Show Opening Garden Dance and other immersive themed experiences And a variety of parent-child interactive activities opened a joyful and fantastic Spring Festival mode, attracting many parents and children to participate in the experience and share the happy time of the holiday. Gucun Park, Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden, Blossom Sea Ecological Park and other major parks in Shanghai launched the Spring Festival Flower Exhibition, New Year’s Plum Hunting Fair, Winter Tour Route and other flower viewing and garden activities, bringing a touch of festive bright colors and new spring vibes. festive. The Fishing Village New Year Taste Festival launched by Jinshanzui Fishing Village further integrates resources such as sea fishing culture, seafood delicacies, and beautiful fishing villages to create a festive and peaceful atmosphere and a strong “Fishing Village New Year Flavor”, allowing citizens and tourists to understand the intangible cultural heritage customs of Jinshanzui Fishing Village and experience And feel the characteristic sea fishing culture. Jinshan City Beach, Oriental Green Boat, Shanghai Changxing Island and other scenic spots (spots) have launched a variety of themed activities such as the Year of the Rabbit Spring Sea Fishing Season, Bird Watching in Yingwu Island Wetland, and Winter Camping, attracting many citizens and tourists who love outdoor sports. Enjoy the slow time of winter.

Caption: Altman theme hotel is very popular

In another development, there were no major security incidents or major public opinion emergencies in the Shencheng cultural and tourism venues.

Xinmin Evening News reporter Yang Yuhong

Editor: Qian Wenting

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