Shanxi women’s basketball coach: play team basketball, hit the playoffs in the new season

Original title: Shanxi women’s basketball coach: play team basketball, hit the playoffs in the new season

The 2021-2022 China Women’s Basketball League (WCBA) is getting closer and closer. The Shanxi Women’s Basketball Team is preparing for the final stage of the new season. Coach Garcia said that the team will work hard to play team basketball in the new season and fully impact the post-season. Match.

This year’s offseason, the Shanxi Women’s Basketball team introduced a striker to support Wang Xuemeng and signed a group of young players such as Zhai Ruoyun. At the same time, Wu Tongtong, who followed the national team in the international arena, has just returned to the team. Garcia said that the team has a lot of new faces, and the time we play together is very short, and the cooperation is not tacit enough, and we need to continue to strengthen in the next training.

Speaking of tactical play in the new season, Garcia said that the team will insist on playing team basketball. “Wu Tongtong is still one of our core. We will develop some tactics around her.” He said, “But we need all players to invest in it. Whether on offensive or defensive end, we must work hard to play team basketball. This will be The foundation of our survival.”

When asked about the goals of the new season, Garcia mentioned two points: one is to hit the playoffs, and the other is to train new players to train the team.

“In my opinion, there are currently seven or eight teams in the league that are stronger than us on paper.” Garcia said, “but the competition on the field is not just paper strength. We have to work hard to get one. Playoff seats.”

In addition, he said that another important task for the team in the new season is to train the team and train new players. “We are a young team. We have to constantly learn and adapt in the game to establish a’chemical reaction’.” He said, “Young players will also get more opportunities and exercises, because our eyes are not only Put it in the new season now, but in the longer-term future.”

It is reported that the Shanxi women’s basketball team is about to leave for Sichuan for a two-week training camp, where they will make the final sprint for the new season. (Reporter Liu Yangtao)



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