Shape and tone your arms, and all you need is a dumbbell: 5 minutes a day of training to get you ready for sleeveless dresses

Complex exercises are needed against a sagging, hanging upper arm, this short workout is only one part, but it adds a lot to the spectacular change. Sleeveless blouses don’t have to stay at the bottom of the closet during the summer season!


Exercise against hanging upper arms

The heatwave is approaching, and with it, looser clothes are coming out from the depths of the closet. At this time, many people are really faced with the fact that the part of the arm located between the shoulder and the elbow is no longer as tight as it used to be. Although the extra pounds help with the problem, skin sagging it is not only caused by the surplus collected.

During everyday functional movement – lifting, shoeing – the triceps does not get a lot of load, usually the biceps work better. It’s also true that carrying a shopping bag packed to the brim takes your muscles to work for a relatively short time, at irregular intervals, and rather unilaterally. In other words, the formula is simple, without maintenance of the upper arm, the muscles become stretched and weak, and the same is true for the connective tissues.

Softened triceps do not support the skin, which makes it less resistant to gravity. It simply stretches and loosens, the fat accumulated in the area easily escapes through the weak connective tissue fibers, making the flabby skin bumpy and cauliflower-like. Although varied, intense exercise helps a lot in removing fat, already sagging skin will not shrink back from it. The muscles of the upper arm must be stimulated in order for the targeted area to become tighter and more contoured.

As you age, the upper arms tend to loosen more and more, as the body loses muscle tone and the connective tissues become more and more inelastic, sagging of the upper arms is a common feature of the aging process. Regardless, all is not lost, because in order to preserve flexibility and get tighter upper arms with the help of appropriate exercises and training a lot can be done. This task list is just that it takes five minutes daily, but if you do it regularly, it is guaranteed to provide visible, perceptible results. All you need is a dumbbell, which you can even replace with half-liter bottles.

Many people think that there is hardly anything to be done with the flimsy, hanging upper arm, and once the area has already sagged, sleeveless dresses and blouses must be waved goodbye forever. It is a fact that the upper arm is not one of the easiest areas to shape, but it can be absolutely tightened with persistent work and the right exercises. the area can be toned.

Greater weight fluctuations, the passage of time, and of course gravity do not help the situation much, and although age cannot be fought, many factors can be eliminated from the formula with the help of regular gymnastics. However, in order for the softened area to become tight and toned again, it doesn’t matter how what training is chosen.

If the appearance of bat wings is caused by lack of exercise, slowed metabolism and the accumulated layer of fat, it is definitely advisable to focus on cardio exercises. It is practically impossible to achieve spectacular results without fat-burning exercise. Although local fat burning does not exist, it is otherwise impossible to pull back the sagging, sagging tone of the upper arm, so targeted strengthening is just as necessary.

In addition to HIIT training or running, it is definitely worth including a strengthening machine targeting the area, strengthening exercises, so that the sagging skin and flabby muscles regain their toned shape after shedding extra kilos. However, you don’t have to expect miracles from five minutes, you need persistence and regular training to get a spectacular result.

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2023-05-29 05:01:38