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"Shared housing", the new way of thinking about roommates

Have your independence while sharing the kitchen and benefit from many services. "Coliving" is the trend going up in big cities.

This is the modern version of the community housing, even béguinages of yesteryear. Coming from the United States, coliving Which can be translated as " shared habitat "Landed in France and interested more and more promoters, having already inspired some imaginative entrepreneurs. It's a bit of an extension of coworking ", With its common working rooms that combines both autonomy and collaboration, and is currently enjoying great success.

" There are between 250 and 500 different models of coliving in the world and already a hundred brands. It goes from the small house to the big building with its concierge service Explains Claire Flurin, R & D and Innovation Director at Keys AM and co-founder of the Co-liv network, a think-tank on the subject.

Many services available

The subject is fashionable. On the occasion of the Mipim, the major real estate show held in Cannes from March 12 to 15, Vinci has announced the creation of a new subsidiary, Bikube, which will offer residences combining private apartments ( T1 to T3 furnished), shared spaces (kitchen, dining room) on each floor, a meeting place on the roof, a café on the ground floor open to the outside and places to work. Many services will also be available such as laundry, ironing, housekeeping or the possibility to play sports.

" Our target is broader than the only young urban workers, We also address people who often sleep at the hotel for their work yes who finds himself alone at some point in their life "Says Émilie Schalgeter, director of the Bikube project.

The rental period will go " from one day to one year " with some " all inclusive rents And on each floor the residents will be gathered together tribes ". In France, Bikube plans to realize 5 residences from 150 to 160 apartments per year and is also interested in neighboring countries. At Bouygues and Nexity, similar concepts are also in the pipes.

In Nantes, a "roommate" mixes nuns and students

Projects are starting to emerge

" We are on a deep trend. There is still a dozen years, housing was the home that we do not share and the roommate was a stopgap. Today is a lifestyle choice Says Henry Buzy-Cazaux, president of the Institute of Real Estate Services Management. Projects are beginning to emerge everywhere.

The pioneer of the sector, The Babel Communauty, which opened in Marseille in 2017 the first coliving building will open a second one in Montpellier. In Ivry-sur-Seine (Val-de-Marne), the architect Jean-Marc Wilmotte has just completed three 11, 13 and 17-storey towers designed to house the young entrepreneurs of Station F, the start-up campus edited by Xavier Niel, the founder of Free. Built on 11,000 m2, the residence @home Will first be a large colocation space, with a hundred apartments of 4 to 6 people on average, but 20% of the surface will be composed of offices and shops.

Recreate the social bond

For its part, BNP Paribas Real Estate, the real estate subsidiary of the bank, won one of the " Invent the metropolis of Greater Paris With his project 17 & CO, Porte de Saint-Ouen, presented as a « place of destination, stay, work and leisure, living day and night ". The 31-meter high building will house 4,000 m2 of shared flats, but also a hotel, a youth hostel, workspaces and even a karaoke room.

" Coliving is a turnkey solution that recreates the social bond, halfway between the hotel and housing Explains Dominique Esnault, managing director of Quartus Coliving, which is due to open its first 128-unit residence in Bordeaux in early 2021 under the Livinghomes brand. In large cities shared housing is also a response to soaring property prices. In London, for example, this is the main reason for its success.

Tenants gathered by affinity

Coliving does not only attract majors, but also a lot of start-ups. They have been the first in this market and continue to appeal to investors. Colonies, which operates a building in Fontainebleau, has raised 11 million euros from investors and has about fifteen projects under construction.

Its founders rely on the simplicity of the rental with constraints lightened to the maximum. Victor Augais, the creator of La Casa intends to rehabilitate community life, a little luxury version. He has raised 5 million euros and has just opened two new houses in the Paris suburbs. Tenants (12 to 15 per house) are selected, " according to the adherence to values He explains, and is brought together by affinity, such as interest in sport, cinema or cooking.

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