SharePlay, ProRes format and bugs fixed: all the new features of iOS 15.1

Apple last month rolled out the new version of the iPhone’s operating system, iOS 15. A major update that introduced several new features, but some of the previously announced ones were missing. Fortunately, iOS 15.1 corrects this.

Good news for compatible iPhone owners, Apple has just released a new iOS update. The latter introduces several new features, including SharePlay, a feature highlighted by Apple during the presentation of iOS 15 last June. A feature that is therefore arriving a little late.

Here are the new features introduced by iOS 15.1:

  • SharePlay : this function inherent in FaceTime allows you to share your screen to watch a movie or a series with others, but also to listen to music with your loved ones.
  • Format ProRes : Exclusive to the iPhone 13, this option allows you to capture high quality videos. This professional video recording format offers greater color fidelity and less compression. All you have to do is activate the mode from the photo settings, iPhone Formats option.
  • Automatic macro switching : When an iPhone 13 gets close to an object, it automatically switches to the ultra-wide angle lens. A feature that can be disabled from the phone’s camera settings.
  • The Shortcuts support new actions, including the ability to add text to images or GIFs.
  • The iPhone 12 will benefit from best battery algorithms which will offer better estimates of their battery capacity.
  • Lossless audio and l’audio spatial land on l’HomePod. Associated to HomePod 15.1, the new iOS update brings lossless quality and Dolby Atmos spatial sound to Apple smart speakers.

In parallel, iPad 15.1 is also out. This update introduces the same new features as iOS 15.1, but also supports the function Live Text. The latter allows the tablet’s camera to automatically detect text on photos or signs which makes it easier to find an address or a phone number, for example, but also to translate directions into the real life.

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Only iPads equipped with an A12 Bionic chip or later can benefit from it.

Many bugs fixed

The iOS 15.1 update also brings a lot of fixes, here is the list:

  • The Photos app could incorrectly indicate that storage space was full when importing photos and videos.
  • The Weather app may not display the current temperature for your location; the colors of animated backgrounds might also not display correctly.
  • Audio playback from an app could pause when locking the screen.
  • The Maps app could quit unexpectedly when using VoiceOver with multiple maps.
  • Available Wi-Fi networks might not be detected.

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