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Sharp criticism of the new electric car study of the Ifo Institute

According to a study by the Ifo Institute, an electric car causes significantly more CO2 than a diesel. With this finding, the investigation is pretty much alone. Accordingly, there is sharp criticism.

The economist Hans-Werner Sinn, for many years head of the renowned Ifo Institute in Munich, has taken a close look at the CO2 balance in the transport sector together with the scientists Christoph Buchal and Hans-Dieter Karl. Specifically, it was examined how Mercedes C 220d and the new Tesla Model 3 in terms of CO2 emissions beat. The most surprising result for most experts is that the CO2 emissions of the electric motor are "around one-tenth, and in unfavorable cases a good quarter of the output of the diesel engine," in the best case scenario.

Electric car: Other studies certify less CO2 emissions

Interestingly, about a month ago, the Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research ISI came to an exactly opposite conclusion. The study "The current greenhouse gas emission balance of electric vehicles in Germany" showed that a battery-powered electric car in Germany causes significantly less CO2 emissions than diesel and gasoline. The study concretely certified the electric car "up to 28 percent less greenhouse gas emissions than a luxury-class diesel, up to 42 percent less than a small car petrol engine."

No wonder that some sharp criticism of the study results of Sinn and his co-authors is immediate. Main criticism, such as the Swiss economist and consultant Roger Rusch of CEO Plus: Sinn and the Ifo Institute had based their calculations on the fuel consumption according to the NEDC model. These values ​​do not have much to do with reality. In addition, they would make the e-car look much worse than diesel or gasoline. Modern studies would count on the WLTP or EPA standards. In addition, the Ifo Institute has rehashed the data of the now refuted so-called "Sweden study".

The battery life values ​​assumed in the Ifo study also do not stand up to closer scrutiny by the experts. The alleged lifetime of a Tesla battery is set by a factor of 10 too low. In addition, the study does not mention that the batteries could then still be used as power storage, as also emphasized the Wirtschaftswoche editor Stefan Hajek, who has dissected the study and criticized. His conclusion: "At heart, diesel always has best-case scenarios, but the e-car has worst-case scenarios."

These electric cars already exist – or will be released soon

Small and nimble is the Cityhopper E-Up. With its price of over 25,000 euros, the model is a lot more expensive than the starting price of the normal up. With an 82-horsepower engine, the car is also equipped more powerful – but for a microcar, the price remains extremely steep. (Photo: VW)

According to industry experts, the Ifo study did not mention the significantly lower material and maintenance costs of an electric car. Another criticism is that the Ifo study should have completely ignored the topics of nitrogen oxides and particulate matter, which are a problem especially for diesel vehicles. The final verdict on the study of the automotive expert Don Dahlmann is accordingly: "On the one hand, the data does not agree, on the other hand, the study wants to give the impression that a diesel is better in terms of environmental impact, as an electric car."

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  1. Unfortunately, Archyworlds inability to write coherent English means their rebuttal to IFO’s study falls flat. It’s pretty apparent the writer is so infatuated with electric cars that they don’t want to hear anything that might make them seem less than the panacea Elon Musk and his blind followers would have us believe. Sorry, but I’m not a believer and Archyworld has solidified that view.


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