Shaya Labafs replaces his wife with Robert Patinson’s former bride

Actor Shaya Labafa’s spokesperson for Entertainment Tonight has confirmed that Labafs and Mia Gota are in class. The couple filed for divorce in court.

The representative of the 32-year-old actor points out that the divorce was a mutually friendly decision, as well as adds that the couple wants to keep privacy and there will be no detailed comment on the divorce process.

The announcement of the divorce follows news on the Daily Mail that Labafs is currently meeting singer FKA Twigs, who was previously engaged to the actor of the saga “Twilight” Robert Patinson. Labafs and FKA Twigs will be filmed together on the screens of the upcoming film “Honey Boy”.

Shay Labab and his wife, Mia Gota, also met on film while working on Lars von Trier’s scandalously acclaimed drama Nymphomaniac. They were together for four years and got married at a wedding streamed live on a streaming site in Las Vegas, hosted by Elvis Presley’s partner. The wedding took place in October 2016.

Two days after the wedding, Nevada officials stated in their Twitter account that there was no marriage certificate between Labafa and Gotha. They said the couple did not count as legally married, although they confirmed that the ceremony had taken place. As a result, many saw the wedding as a “theater” rather than a real life event.

Later that month, during a visit to Elena Dedeneres talk show, Labaf confirmed that she was married. The actor admitted that he did not plan to broadcast the wedding live, as it had to be a private and intimate event. However, the “wedding package” chosen by Las Vegas included a clause that live streaming was included free of charge. “I said, ‘You know, we don’t really need it. We will film our own private video, ”says Labafs. “Our mothers were with us and they told us that was not a problem. But then we returned home and something had changed. ”

“I called them and they justified – someone had pressed the wrong button, which sends the filmed videos to the Internet portal. TMZ, ”He recalls. “I replied that I understood them. I asked my girl and she asked, ‘What are you going to do?’ But you know – it’s love. We are proud of that. What you saw was true love. ”

In February of this year, when a reporter for the TV program “Entertainment Tonight” talked to Miu Goth, she praised Labafa very much. “He is definitely one of the most outstanding actors. I doubt it, ”Gota commented. “I am extremely proud of him. I have deep respect for him. ”

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