She admitted what could be wrong

She is smart, beautiful, sympathetic and ambitious. Nevertheless, she does not manage to find a suitable partner for life. The charming moderator Daniela Písařovicová admitted what her ideal counterpart should look like and why she may not have met him enough…

She worked as a presenter on Czech Television for sixteen years, and will soon become part of the DVTV team. She is ambitious, intelligent and beautiful. At the same time, however, Daniela Písařovicová is very strict, not only for herself, but also for choosing a partner. She admitted that this might be the problem of why she was still alone after forty.

“As for men, I’m picky. I don’t have many criteria, but I’m lifelong strict on myself, and therefore on my partner, “she said. iDNES moderator Daniela Písařovicová can be heard with reference to the Jan Kraus Show. She also added that she would most likely have to compromise a little on her claims. But what should her ideal counterpart look like?

According to her, Daniela Písařovicová is very strict with herself

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Daniela Písařovicová

“Maybe I would like to have a man next to me who is funny. At the same time, it would be nice if he was not married, ”Písařovicová joked. At the same time, she openly admitted that her height in men sometimes arouses shyness. “It simply came to our notice then. Next to me, the boys didn’t want to broadcast much, because I was always taller than the others. Perhaps only with the exception of Michal Kubal, “said the moderator.

Daniela Písařovicová made a big and difficult decision a few months ago and decided to leave Czech Television, where she worked as a presenter, after sixteen long years. He will soon be joined by a team of moderators in DVTV. However, she let herself be heard that she will always remember her work for Czech Television in a good way.

It is therefore strict even when choosing a partner

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Daniela Písařovicová

“I still love her very much, I didn’t leave in a bad way. We broke up very nicely and I’m even glad that they gave me such opportunities that I could try. I will be happy to remember this stage, I don’t burn bridges, “she let herself be heard for lightning.

However, before the moderator enters the next cycle, she enjoys a well-deserved leave and she does not miss the news stress for the time being. “I am now at a stage where I am resting and enjoying that I have almost no obligation,” she praised her current situation. “After those sixteen years, my body is happy for that, too,” she added.

After sixteen years, she said goodbye to Czech Television

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Daniela Písařovicová

But she is said to be happy to remember her work experience

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Daniela Písařovicová: As a child, I liked Metráček

She joined a team of DVTV moderators


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