she also twisted the head of a beautiful actress 19 years younger

Women were fond of Lajos Básti, and the actor did not despise his admirers, which is why it is not surprising that his first wife was a famous Hungarian actress famous far and wide, with whom Básti was 19 years older.

The most beautiful Hungarian actor

Lajos Básti deservedly became a legendary actor in Hungary: the actor, who was also awarded the Kossuth Prize, traveled far and wide to the world of the stage, especially after his father, a haberdasher, left the family when Básti was only 16 years old and his mother was seriously ill. Perhaps his mother’s condition was the reason Lajos became a doctor, but in the end he became an actor, but because of his Jewish origin he was often unable to take the stage, but he also had to go through other horrors, his life was full of ordeals, . However, one thing could never be taken away from him, namely his exceptional talent, with which he enchanted the audience – Básti played in such successful plays as József Katona, Bánk bánja, for example, in the Hungarian comedy Up with the Head, or in Hahó, Öcsi, and even Gedeon Torma took on the role of Abigél in a large patient. However, not only has Bástin’s career but his private life been adventurous…

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