She asked her grandfather for a list of the things that make him happy and was devastated

The bond between grandparents and grandchildren it is usually as unique as it is special. And he usually gives amazing, exciting stories, which thanks to social networks go viral and are enjoyed by thousands or millions of people in the world.

Twitter user @raquelmoralss had a very simple idea: ask her grandfather in Spain to write to her a list of the things that make you happy.

The older adult was encouraged to challenge in order to please his granddaughter. And what she wrote was so simple yet pure that her granddaughter was moved.

Raquel, the girl who published the list of things that make her grandfather happy. Photo: @raquelmoralss / Twitter

Grandpa’s wishes

The young woman decided to share the result of the proposal with her grandfather on the bird’s social network. “I find myself totally devastated”Raquel writes in the post that went viral in the last week.

Among the phrases his grandfather writes, there may be some that arouse tenderness: “When I go to Huelva to see my son and granddaughters”, “Wake up in the morning and see my wife next to me” or “When we all get together, children and grandchildren, to eat in a bar.”

However, one of the phrases caused a special pain among users: “When the children call us on the phone, which are not many times”.

These words, which are part of a common claim among older people, reached what they have reached the Spanish actress Ana Milan, who did not hesitate to claim the importance of being in contact with our elders.

“One day you will use the phone to tell them something that just happened and you will realize that there is no longer a possibility,” he launched lapidary, a phrase as forceful as it is real.

Other users copy the test

Unsurprisingly, many people took the example to try their luck with their own grandparents just like Raquel did.

This simple and original idea has been liked by thousands of users, as can be seen by the repercussion that the publication of @raquelmoralss has had. Thus, many of them have wanted to try it, although with a somewhat different result.

In social networks, other users copied Raquel's experience with her grandfather in Spain.  Photo: Twitter

In social networks, other users copied Raquel’s experience with her grandfather in Spain. Photo: Twitter

Eat, drink, sex (if you put varieties you have more), be with my children, be with my wife, watch sports (if you put several you get to 10), travel, be on the couch watching series, be with friends, go to the movies “, reflects the user @adrisangon that his father answered when inquiring.

On the other hand, @ Claritta-1703 also showed the result he obtained, quite far from the emotions of the tweet that went viral: “Sleep in your bed, no one is home, eat octopus, have vacations, let your sister and you leave home …“, he sentenced harshly.

Another tweeter reflected her experience.  Photo: Twitter

Another tweeter reflected her experience. Photo: Twitter