She became a millionaire at the age of 19 and spends 500 million

The girl is currently 23 years old and owns at least four properties with a value of 7 million dollars.

Linsey Donovan 23-year-old lived in Maryland, USA before becoming a influencer and millionaire. As the young woman shared through her social networks, In his childhood there was not much money. However, her life changed when she decided to move to the city of Miami four years ago.

There he began to work as a model, a year after his arrival and At 19, Linsey was already a millionaire.. In addition, as noted by TN, the young woman no longer knows what else to spend her money on.

As it did? With the profit from his work as a model, Donovan decided to invest his money in houses and today he owns a portfolio of properties that generate millionaire income.

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I own four properties and the value of my properties exceeds $7 million dollars ($6,167,280,000 pesos)”, he told the local media. Linsey stated that she incurs “necessary expenses” such as a car collection worth $500,000 ($452,740,000 pesos)

Donovan acknowledged that the largest outlay he made in one day it was $450,000 ($407,466,000 pesos), adding his “extravagant expenses.” Also, she remembered how people thought she was crazy when At the age of 19, he decided to buy a Mercedes S65 V12 for $271,644,000 pesos.

Currently the young woman has a huge house where she has a horse, a luxurious pool and a house for her pets. “I have the biggest house on the whole lake. I feel like a princess walking into this beautiful house with high ceilings every day. The sunsets here are beautiful, I love watching my dogs in the pool and my huge pink barbie bedroom“, he pointed.

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