She became famous thanks to ‘Hera koka hash LSD’, today she is a happy mother. What’s up with Karolina Czarnecka?

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Karolina Czarnecka quickly gained popularity with one hit – Hera coke uses LSD. Presented at the 35th Actor’s Song Review in Wrocław in 2014, the song became very popular and generated millions of views. What’s up with the artist today?

the author Hera coke uses LSD today

The singer became famous nine years ago for her Polish interpretation of the song Heroin and Cocaine team The Tiger Lillies. The song was very much liked by Internet users. Hera coke uses LSD has 12 million views on YouTube. Fans supported Karolina and spoke very positively about her musical project. Thanks to an online fundraiser, a music video for a popular song about drugs was created. The singer did not give up music, she still sings, and the visuals of her songs are very complex and polished. Karolina Czarnecka is a graduate of the Theater Academy in Warsaw and puppetry at the PWST in Białystok. In her life, she focuses more on her singing career, but sometimes we can see her on the screen of smaller productions, such as city ​​of debtin whether Servants of War. The artist has three albums to her credit. The last one entitled: Cud Carolina released in 2019.

Karolina Czarnecka became a mother

Caroline recently became a mother. The singer sometimes posts a picture of her child, Józefina, on her Instagram profile. She successfully manages to combine two worlds, which are motherhood and career. Karolina Czarnecka regularly gives concerts in Poland. He is involved in various initiatives and speaks on many topics on his social media. She also set up a platform to_my_cory, which she calls a virtual monthly magazine for girls, as well as an “alternative community center.”

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