She blasphemes on Instagram about the Coachella Festival


Currently, the social media channels are full of pictures of stages, great outfits and lots of celebrities. The speech is from Coachella Festival currently taking place in California. Sophia Thomalla is annoyed by the Coachella The music event is packed with celebrities, musicians and bloggers. But one is not on site:
Sophia Thomalla 28. On the contrary, the presenter is more than annoyed by the attention Coachella is attracting right now. On Instagram, she now drew neatly about the festival. And also about his visitors, who according to Sophia would only be on the grounds because of the sponsored journey. In the usual ironic tone, the 28-year-old blasphemes on the participants, who in their opinion would visit the festival only because of the costs. Interested in the occurring musicians? According to Sophia nil. Injured pride? Rather, it would be in the actual music days only to the self-presentation and the dusting of free “Boho-clothes”. Whether hiding a little hurt pride behind the ironic post? Because the girlfriend of
Gavin Rossdale , 52, does not spend the time in front of the show stages of
Beyoncé , 36, and Co. And honestly, who would have Reunion of Destiny’s Child do not like watching live? Assuming, of course, that you actually came for the music …
Sophia Thomalla in an interview
Renewed attack against her hater
“By the way, I block all the little pissers who do not have a profile and leave their skinny on my account,” warns Sophia Thomalla her hater on Twitter. At the Berlinale she explains this reaction
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