She broke up with her boyfriend because he charged her for a medicine she ordered – Metro World News

A young woman said that after a four-year relationship, she broke up with her boyfriend because he charged her for medicine that she had ordered, since she felt “very sick.”

The video of her story exceeds five million views on her @jackieli852 TikTok account, where thousands of users support her.

“Once I felt very sick and I asked my boyfriend at that time if he could buy me a cold medicine on the way home,” said the young woman from Hawaii, named Jackie Li, according to Mag Comercio.

She explained that she had a bad cold and that she felt so bad that she herself could not go buy the medicine, so there was nothing better than telling her partner of years.

She asked him for the favor and he accepted, a gesture that the girl considered very kind. What she never imagined is what would happen next. Term totally disappointed.

He said that when he arrived, he gave him the medicine. She took two tablespoons and quickly fell asleep. When she woke up, she was disappointed.

“She charged me seven dollars for the cold medicine,” he said, then pointed out that it wouldn’t have been a problem if he had agreed with her that he would pay that and then she would pay something else, so they could even out the bills.


Jackie’s story went viral on the Chinese social network and exceeds six thousand comments.

Many women felt identified with her and shared similar experiences.

“My ex charged me $2.99 ​​for windshield washer fluid because while he was using my car he ran out and had to buy more,” said one user.

Another shared that “my ex of 2 years charged me for the avocado she wanted at the grocery store while we were shopping for dinner.”

And it is that many women expect the kindness of their partner to cover some expense without being asked, especially if it is a basic need such as health.

“My logic is that if we love each other, we won’t mind spending money on little things like that,” said a TikTok user before Jackie’s post.