She didn’t know about the pregnancy. She gave birth prematurely on board the plane

When the young woman boarded Delta’s plane, all she could expect was turbulence. On the same morning, she wrote on the social network Twitter that it was time for a holiday. It was an even bigger surprise for her and her husband when she started giving birth during the flight.

During the woman’s labor pains, the captain asked the passengers if there was a paramedic among them. Fortunately for the young woman, several nurses and doctors signed up.

One of the nurses posted a photo from the flight on her Facebook with the words: “If anyone is interested in how our trip to Hawaii goes … that’s how it started. In the bathroom of an airplane hovering over the ocean, a baby was born in the 26th – 27th week. Three hours before the scheduled landing. They both did great. God was up there with us. “

The whole story was shared through TikTok by another of the passengers, Julia Hansen, who was sitting right next to the stunned father of the newborn.

“For those who have wondered why a woman flies in the second trimester of pregnancy, the answer is simple. She and her husband had no idea they were expecting a baby, “she told the Daily Mail.

The shocked mother named her baby boy Raymond Kaimana Wade Kobe Lavaki Mounga. Both were taken to a hospital in Honolulu after landing, where the little hero will have to stay for some time, given that he was born prematurely.

Jai Cunningham, a spokesman for the Hawaiian Department of Transportation, said the pilot and crew followed the protocol and alerted them to the pre-landing situation.

“Childbirth on board is not entirely common due to the fact that most mothers refuse to travel at a high stage of pregnancy. However, our crews are well trained in a number of medical scenarios. Therefore, each aircraft is equipped with medical equipment and the crews have access to professional advice during the flight, ”Cunningham tells the Daily Mail.