She does not have time to go to the hospital and gives birth … in her bathtub, in Cogolin

At the maternity ward or at home. For future parents, childbirth is first and foremost this choice. Valeriya preferred … to give birth in hospital, like the vast majority of French women.

It is fate that willed it otherwise.

When she loses the water in the early morning but has no pain or contractions, the young Cogolinoise and her husband, Mathieu, prepare their packages to go to the Gassin health center. Serenely. Without hurrying.

Arrived faster than the firefighters

However, less than an hour later, labor suddenly begins.

There was then a moment of hesitation, a little stressful, when we hesitated to go to the maternity ward. But we felt that it was taking the risk of giving birth in the car“, they remember.

Eventually, the couple decides to stay at their home while calling the fire department for help.

But they do not have time to arrive that Valeriya gives birth to little Victor, in the tub of their bathroom.

A few pushes or even a few breaths and he was already there!

Prepared for a natural birth

A beautiful baby of 3.7 kg for 51 cm of which they kept the surprise of sex until the last moment.

For the birth of Polina, our first daughter, only 2:30 hours had passed between the loss of water and childbirth. It’s very little work for a first child. There, we suspected that this period would be further shortened. But when we moved, the maternity ward also got closer to 30 minutes, so we thought that was going to do it … well no“, Mathieu remembers with amusement, who did not imagine for a single moment that the work would last barely 1 hour 30 minutes.

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The firefighters then only had to take care of the transport of the happy little family to the maternity hospital.

So, this improvised birth a little scary? Do you think! Valeriya had all the cards in his hand.

We were keen to deliver the birth as natural as possible, that is to say in a physiological position and without an epidural. I had therefore prepared for the event during pregnancy with pain management techniques or self-hypnosis through workshops given at the hospital but also with books..”

It may not have gone as planned but for the natural side of this delivery, the bet is successful!