She falls from her boyfriend’s bike on the wet asphalt, Barbara De Donatis dies 40 days after the wedding

She falls off her boyfriend’s bike on the wet asphalt. They weren’t going fast, but the storm had made the road slippery. Barbara and Andrea were supposed to get married on July 3rd.

Barbara De Donatis, 29 years (photo da Facebook)

Graduated from the University of Verona, work as a speech therapist first in a hospital then in a clinic in Salò. In a few weeks, about 40 days, Barbara De Donatis 29 years old from Vestone (in the province of Brescia) she should have married Andrea Rizzi. The wet asphalt from a storm was enough to stop everything. Barbara died on the afternoon of Sunday 22 May, thrown from the saddle of the bike driven by Andrea on a curve of the state road 421 in Molveno, in Trentino.

The accident in Molveno

The carabinieri of Riva del Garda have reconstructed the dynamics of the accident. The speed was contained: Andrea knew that the road was slippery. The storm that had struck the area north of Trento a few hours earlier had left a slippery, treacherous asphalt. In the direction of San Lorenzo, Andrea lost control of the bike. A not too violent fall: he only suffered a few bruises and a few scratches. Barbara, on the other hand, ended up over the road. Passing under the guard rail, it is precipitated into the void for several meters after having collided with various rocks and ending up in the clearing next to the paths of Lake Molveno.

Rescue and the race to Santa Chiara

Andrea immediately got up and called 112. Getting back on the bike, he tried to reach Barbara as quickly as he could. She screamed, he asked for help. After a few minutes an ambulance arrived, the firefighters and the helicopter rescue service from the Trento fire brigade who transported a resuscitator. Reaching Barbara was difficult, and when they arrived he had already lost consciousness. The doctors tried to revive her for some time, but without success. Arriving at the Santa Chiara in Trento, it was only possible to ascertain his death. The boyfriend is now hospitalized. The injuries are minor, but she is still in shock. The two had recently lived together and yes they were supposed to get married on July 3rd.

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