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The famous human rights activist Lyudmila Alekseeva died.

Lyudmila Alekseeva began her activities in the 60s. She opposed the trials of writers Sinyavsky and Daniel. She was one of the initiators of the provision of legal assistance to political prisoners. She participated in the release of the first in the USSR illegal human rights bulletin "Chronicle of Current Events". In 1976, she was among the founders of the Moscow Helsinki Group. In 1977 she was forced to emigrate from the Soviet Union to the United States. In 1993 she returned to Russia. For the past several years, she has been a member of the Presidential Council for the Development of Civil Society and Human Rights.

Vladimir Putin expressed his condolences over the death of Lyudmila Alekseeva. The head of state highly appreciated her contribution to the development of a civil society in Russia. He noted that he respected her principled position on many issues of the life of the country.

For her work, Lyudmila Mikhailovna won many awards, reports the TV channel "Russia 24". In 2004 she won the Olof Palme Prize, and in 2009 she won the Andrei Sakharov Prize. Lyudmila Alekseeva was 91 years old.



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