She is 32 years old, she already had 16 children and all names start with C

Carlos and Patty Hernandez formed what is called a true family numerous. The young partner from Charlotte, in North Carolina, United States, has just had another child … no less than the number 16. But this is not the only striking fact, since these brothers have a particularity: all their names start with the letter C.

“All the children have names that begin with the letter C and we wanted to continue the tradition. My husband’s name is Carlos … it is a tribute to him,” explained the woman, a real super mom, who is just 39 years old. Patty, who runs her own cleaning company in the United States, revealed that this latest pregnancy was the most difficult of all. But nevertheless, she is willing to have more children after the arrival of little Clayton.

However, it was not easy for them to respect the idea. The marriage recognized that as the years passed, the options of names with C were being exhausted. And this time it cost more than the account. “We couldn’t find one that started with the letter C that we liked and then Clayton just popped into my head,” she said happily about the baby who was born at 3,800 kilos on May 5.

Patty stressed that she feels her huge family is a “blessing from God.” “I know that some people disagree with our lifestyle and there are some nasty comments on the Internet, but for us it is a great blessing,” said the woman, as reflected in the Daily Mirror.

The young mother also confessed that she had never planned to have a large family until she started having babies. “That’s when I thought, ‘This is great, why not?’ It’s really fun and it can make us very happy, “he confided.

In addition to happiness, there is a question of operability for the huge family to function in an organized manner. And also, another fundamental question: the economic one. The couple gave a concrete example: they spend about $ 450 a week on food alone so that every day the plates are full of healthy foods for everyone. They even clarified that they do not receive any type of state aid. On the contrary, and according to what they said, they earn enough from the cleaning business to be able to pay their bills and support all their children. Of course, they have already begun to do accounts and foresee that in a short time, the eldest son, who is 13 years old and his name is Carlos Jr., will begin to help in the family business.

The couple, who acknowledged that they never used contraception and will not use them either, gave birth to three sets of twins: Carla and Caitlyn, 10; Calvin and Catherine, 6; and Caleb and Caroline, 3. The rest of the children are Christopher, 11; Cristian, 9; Celeste, 8; Cristina, 7; Carol, 4; Stretcher, 2; Charlotte, 1 and Crystal, 1.