She is Andrea Szulák’s daughter, Rozina Gyarmati

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And the actor-singer is extremely proud of her daughter, which is completely understandable. In a previous interview, she said that it was very difficult for her to get pregnant, so she thought about adoption, and she wouldn’t mind if she could adopt several children.

Very bitterly, with great pain, but I let go. And I turned the glass full so that then I will adopt some children. Not even one!

Finally, in 2007, Rozina was born to her partner at the time. Andrea Szulak he was 43 years old at the time. Mother and daughter have been inseparable ever since and maintain a very good relationship despite their teenage years. In 2019, they arrived together at the 20th anniversary Story Ötcsillag Awards Gala, at which point you could already guess that the charming teenager would soon mature into a beautiful woman. Her sequined dress showed perfect sense of style, and her mom says that Rozina is even girlier than her.

“You’re already surpassing me in dating! And I admit, he has better taste than I do. She can make herself up so precisely that I am speechless. And since she doesn’t overdo it, there’s no need for me to control what she puts on or what color she paints her nails, but I don’t even interfere with her clothes. According to many, the apple did not fall far from the tree, and since I am already looking up to my daughter, there is no better compliment for me.”

Photo: Tamás Korponai

Rozina az My sweetie at the premiere of the musical, in 2022, she appeared as a young woman at her mother’s side – apparently they couldn’t deny each other. The singer-actress often shares family moments together on her Instagram page.

Andrea Szulák and Rozina Gyarmati at the presentation of Aranyoskám

Photo: Little Red Riding Hood

And what will happen to Rozina when she grows up? Last summer, Andrea Szulák told the Surprisethat her daughter does not aspire to acting laurels. “It was born into my profession, we dealt with it naturally. Despite this, Rozina is completely normal, she doesn’t want to be an actor or a singer. You know exactly that having a known mother is neither an advantage nor a disadvantage, but a condition. If you want really good friends, this shouldn’t be a factor, because they should love and appreciate him in his own right, not because of me.”

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