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You are so in love: Heidi Klum and her friend Tom Kaulitz (28) – no other German celebrity couple is currently as central as the two. When the first rumors of a liaison between Heidi and Tom arose, many may not have believed it.

The guitarist of Tokio Hotel, whom we met as a rebellious teen with dreads – and model mom Heidi Klum (45), who already has a career behind him and now brings out pretty “Meeedchen” in her show “Germany’s Next Top Model”. Read here: Heidi Klum explains why she loves to be naked Heidi’s Instagram account becomes a couple’s blog Can this work? In the long run, of course, you never know that – but the fact that the two are serious becomes more and more obvious. More and more often the couple is spotted cuddling and cuddling. Now Klum shared another intimate photo of her sweetheart. On her Instagram profile, she posted a black and white photo of Tom, on which the 28-year-old is wearing a shirtless body. The snapshot shows Tom’s trained male breast, blown over by his long hair, to a thoughtful look to the side. The photo posted Heidi without comment. But that is probably no longer necessary. Learn here why Bill Kaulitz grieves for his best friend That she is in love with both ears in the native Magdeburg she reveals more with each post. “Tom and you are perfect together” And so the positive comments of their fans outweigh. A user writes, “You’re just great. Live your life and do not give a shit about what others think of you. Tom and you are perfect together, I hope it is for eternity! ” A woman comments: “I can understand Heidi. Lovely couple, enjoy it! ” Read here: Will Sophia Thomalla Heidi’s stepmother?



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