She is said to have been raped

She is said to have been raped

Since 2014, Kesha (31, “Tik Tok”) fights in court against her former producer Dr. Luke (44). In the summer of 2016, she had to withdraw the allegations that he had sexually abused her. A new lawsuit indicates that the singer claimed in an SMS in February 2016 that Dr. Luke also her colleague
Katy Perry (33, “Roar”) is said to have raped. The music producer vehemently rejects the allegations, as the British “Guardian” reports. Dr. Luke speaks of “evil untruths” New court documents say that Kesha will send an SMS in February 2016
Lady Gaga (32, “Bad Romance”), in which she “repeated the false claim” that Dr. Luke should have raped her. “Kesha also falsely claims that Luke raped Katy Perry,” it continues. Lady Gaga then spread negative news about the producer via social media and in the press. Katy Perry is said to have confirmed his innocence In a statement by dr. Luke’s lawyers say that Perry himself has confirmed that she was not raped by him. The accusation
Kesha was “without a base and irresponsible – and both disrespectful to Katy Perry and to Dr. Luke”. In a lawsuit for libel, he claims a compensation of 50 million US dollars, which had been lost to him because of these “malicious untruths” in revenue.
Katy Perry
Is she responsible for the death of a nun?
The superstar is not a suitable buyer for the former monastery, according to the two nuns. Now there was a deadly incident! A nun died shortly after the trial.
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