She is the Korean version of Tang Wei! 23-year-old became a celebrity giant, the dream is broken so far, single and no one marries

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Actress Tang Wei won the Golden Horse Award for Best Newcomer Award and many overseas awards in one fell swoop with the movie “Lust Caution” in 2007. She and Tony Leung’s large-scale action drama still impresses many people, and its popularity has skyrocketed. Becoming a well-known first-line actor in Asia, in fact, there is also a famous actress in South Korea. She was dubbed the “Korean version of Tang Wei” named Lin Ji Yeon, but her relationship did not go as smooth as Tang Yu.

▲The performance of “Lust Caution” by Tang Wei and Tony Leung became a hit. (Picture/Retrieved from IMDb)

Lin Zhiyan was born in a class and has always been acting in short films or dramas. By 2014, when she was 24 years old, she entered the public eye with Song Seung Heon’s “Human Poisoning” and won many Best New Actress awards. She performed again in the same year. “The Treacherous Minister: Seducing the World” also has large-scale shots, and two consecutive restricted movies have given her the title of “Korean version of Tang Wei”.

▲Lin Zhiyan became famous with Song Seung-hyun in “Human Poisoning”. (Picture/Retrieved from IMDb)

However, in terms of love, Tang Wei married South Korean director Kim Tae-yong in August 2014, and gave birth to a daughter after marriage, enjoying the happy life of a mother, but Lin Ji-yeon is still looking for true love. For good relationship, it is often said that fake dramas are actually done, but they only seem to be “good friends”. Until 2018, she was exposed to a date photo with Li Xu, the chairman of the W Foundation, confirming the dating.

▲Lin Zhiyan once interacted with the chairman of the foundation. (Photo/Retrieved from Lin Zhiyan IG)

I thought that Lin Zhiyan would marry a wealthy family like this, but 6 months after the relationship surfaced, the two broke up. In 2019, Lin Zhiyan broke up with Guo Shiyang again, but the news has not been confirmed. Now Lin Zhiyan is still single. Boyfriend Li Xu, who had married Ben, the “powerful sound source”, in 2020, Ben wrote a letter announcing the good news, revealing that he had been dating Li Xu for a year. In terms of conversion, Lin Zhiyan should be Li Xu’s “second-to-last girlfriend.”

▲Lin Zhiyan is still single now. (Photo/Retrieved from Lin Zhiyan IG)