She lost her brother and her love, music saved the singer

The 2000s Ooops! Péterfy Kinga, who became known in her girl group, experienced a series of tragedies, but she shaped her pain into creative energy. In the musical portrait program of M2 Petőfi TV, Magas és Mélyben, he told host Anna Koltay about all this.

Péterfy Kinga was still a child when he and his family moved from Romania to Hungary, but his interest in music was already evident at that time. In his teenage years, he was drawn to electronic music, but later he sang in a pop band and also studied jazz singing. At home, Ooops! she started her career as a singer in a girl band, then tried her luck in Monaco: she sang in casinos with her experienced musicians from all over the world. However, a terrible accident called him home, and after that he never returned.

“My brother and his girlfriend were victims of a disco accident. Jucika, my brother’s girlfriend, was a fantastically beautiful girl who modeled and was joined by a group of people at a nightclub. To this day, the circumstances have not been clarified, all that was revealed was that a car chase took place afterwards. They were going too fast, the car spun, and unfortunately they did not survive the accident” – Kinga Péterfy recalled the tragic day in the M2 Petőfi TV program. The singer wanted to support the family in the difficult situation, so she suppressed her pain for a long time and did not move back to Monaco either. In a sad turn of life, two years ago he had to experience again how difficult it is to lose someone you love. His love and fellow musician were taken away from him by a dreaded illness.

“He became ill from one moment to the next, while he was the most sane, the most relaxed and the most fantastic person I have ever known. His stomach hurt, he went for various tests, but already on the first ultrasound it was clear that there was something on his liver. Malignant tumors were found on his liver and gall bladder. I supported him until the last moment” – said the entertainer, who started practicing meditation and yoga during this period. Along with music, they were the handhold for him so that the tragedy would not completely break him. While nurturing his love, he wrote a lot of songs: new songs were born in his formation called K-Moringa and he continued his band together with his partner, Indigo Theory, with their third musician. The entire conversation is available on the Media Click page of Magas és Mély, where previous broadcasts are also available for 60 days.

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