She no longer hides her husband from what she said about the wedding and his sons –

There have been fundamental changes in the life of Eliška Bučková (32), and the former model, who in the past suffered from an eating disorder, is now a happy and balanced woman. She fell in love not with one, but with three boys. Her ten-year-old partner Radek Vácha has two sons from a previous relationship, and even though she came to the children a bit blind to the violin, a strong bond immediately developed between them. In an interview for, she revealed why she disappeared from the world of show business and how she enjoys the life role of a pansy.

A new meaning of life

The days when model Eliška Bučková swept away parties and did not miss any event where celebrities teamed up are long gone. The former partner of the fisherman Jakub Vágner (40) has fundamentally changed her life and it seems that she has finally found happiness.

“I haven’t been going anywhere lately. Not that I’m in a hole somewhere, but I don’t want to go into the world of show business anymore,” said in an interview for the former Czech Miss 2008, which has been devoting its time for some time to planning and organizing events for children, such as camps and fairytale forests. “I also have the folk rock band Moravians, with whom we have a string of concerts, and I’m also finally enjoying a bit of that family life,” she added.

In addition to her music career, Eliška also began to devote herself intensively to painting and recycling not only furniture, but also old pieces from her wardrobe. “Thanks to that, I don’t even shop, so no one will meet me in the store anymore,” said Bučková with a laugh. No one would expect the long-legged brunette to be diametrically changed by love, not only for her partner Radek Vách, but especially for his two sons, who gave her life a whole new dimension.

She never planned to fall in love with a man who already has two children with another woman.“Being a pansy is terribly divine,” she praised one of the most beautiful women in our republic, but at the same time she admitted that stress came with the children. “Mothers who plan to have a child count on it and gradually raise it, but women who find men with children come to them all of a sudden and have to take care of them, and at the same time they have no experience at all.” confided Bučková. “Thank God I have that experience from children’s camps, otherwise I’ll admit that I wouldn’t know how to deal with boys at all, but it’s true that my life has really changed since I met them,” she added happily.

Finally the right one

“It was a crucial moment for me when I said to myself that show business is not important to me at all. I love them,” the singer melted away, feeling that she had finally found a man with whom she would one day want to have her own child. “I have a guy I can really imagine starting a family with.” revealed Eliška, who does not want to go to work on her baby before she and her boyfriend say yes in front of the altar. “Wedding is really crucial for me, not only because I’m from a traditional family, but also because I just want it that way. It’s the biggest possible declaration of love for me,” she said.

“I found out that I just didn’t have to chase after anything, and I finally started enjoying myself money I’ve saved all my life. I’ve been longing for change for a long time, and I’ve finally found the right partner. ” said Eliška, who also has a best friend in her partner. “Maybe it’s a mistake that the way we spend all our time together, I don’t call my friends that much anymore, but I’m just happy.” added Bučková, which really radiates well-being and satisfaction.

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