She only passed her driving test at the 961st start – engine

South Korean Cha Sa-soon only passed her driver’s test on the 961st attempt – and became a local celebrity in the drive-by.

All good things don’t necessarily come in threes: South Korean Cha Sa-soon causes a stir on Reddit with her driver’s license test. The now over 80-year-old managed to pass the exam in 2010 on the 961st attempt.

For three years she tried again and again five days a week to pass the theory test. It was a multiple choice test with 40 questions. To pass, you need 60 out of 100 points. But it wasn’t until her 950th attempt in 2009 that she succeeded. A year and 11 attempts later, she finally had her driver’s license in her pocket!

Her instructor at the “Jeonbuk” driving school said after passing the test: “We didn’t have the courage to tell her to stop because she kept showing up. When she finally got her driver’s license, we all walked out cheering, hugging her and gave her flowers.”

Shoots commercials for car manufacturers

At the same time, the elderly woman became a local celebrity in South Korea due to the many attempts. The car manufacturer Hyundai even shot a commercial with the 80-year-old (see below). Cha could certainly use the extra advertising money. She is said to have spent the equivalent of around 12,500 euros on her driver’s license.

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