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In a swimsuit in her latest Instagram post, Internet users attack Maeva Ghennam. They accuse him of showing too much after the affair of his naked photo.

Maeva Ghennam: mistakenly photographed naked by her mother

You couldn’t miss it. Last week, the photo of Maeva Ghennam completely naked in her living room went around the Web. Indeed, while her mother, Salya, photographed herself in a mirror, she did not notice that her daughter was in the background, in Eve’s outfit. In a rush, the mother posted the photo in her Snapchat story.

After realizing her mistake, Salya Ghennam quickly deleted the snap from her social media. Unfortunately, Internet users had already had time to save it. In tears, Maeva Ghennam confided in story: “I swear to you, I have too many nerves against my mother. She posts pictures, she hasn’t even looked. But please don’t even start rotating the photo. She didn’t do it on purpose. I have too much hatred against her, I swear to you”.

Obviously, the Internet users did not listen to it and the candidate of the Marseilles found herself TT on Twitter for several days. It must also be said that most of them are convinced that it is a coup de « buzz ». “This story that Maeva’s mother had not seen it in the photo before posting it, I don’t believe it. Maeva is a fan of the Kardashians and Kim’s s*xtape was posted by her mother. Everything for the buzz, everything is calculated”; “Maeva Ghennam who makes all of France believe that she did not take this photo out on purpose”; “Maeva if you want, I’ll give you 10 balls with pleasure but don’t lower yourself to that, my big”; “stop making us believe you have the seum that the photo turns, all for the buzz this crazy”.

Maeva Ghennam is tackled by internet users.

Maeva Ghennam: she poses in a swimsuit, internet users tackle her

And the latest publication by Maeva Ghennam (tackled by Danielle Moreau on TPMP) is not likely to help her case. Indeed, on Instagram the influencer accused of being involved in the breakup of Thibault Garcia and Jessica Thivenin published new photos of her including two shots of her in a swimsuit. Internet users fall on him again.

“And after that cries when you see her naked. The nerve ” ; “I don’t understand, you’re almost naked whereas the last time you made a fuss of it because your mother published your photos?? » ; “Well…Maeva didn’t say she didn’t want to do that anymore??! » ; “Your mom unintentionally posted that again??? » ; “And it was she who complained because we saw her naked, it’s all funny”; “It’s the same as having nothing on your back, right? »

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