She pretends to be a girl and catches her son-in-law wanting to have sex

Iowa.- A cunning young man pretended to be a 15 year old girl to expose his son-in-law as a sexual predator who seeks to meet underage children, according to court documents.

Ryan Mitchell Budde, 34, of Clinton, promised his wife he would stop talking to teenage girls online and asked them to send photos, but the relatives were not convinced that he would stop, according to the judicial records cited by the Registry of Des Moines.

That prompted Budde's mother-in-law to put on a detective's hat and place a sting that would eventually be used as evidence to send Budde to prison for more than 10 years, court documents show.

Budde's mother-in-law was in charge of conducting a covert investigation where she pretended to be a 15-year-old boy and began communicating with Budde online, the documents say.


"Budde, in two weeks, expressed interest in meeting this" child "to have sex."

Budde was sentenced Tuesday to 130 months in prison for receiving and distributing child pornography. The investigation into his online activities began in 2017 after he uploaded 27 files of child pornography to Tumblr, officials from the Department of Justice in Iowa announced Wednesday.

Later, they found a total of 365 images of child pornography on cell phones and laptops belonging to Budde, who also had chat sessions with children who pretended to be a 15-year-old virgin, authorities said.

Budde admitted having an "unhealthy attraction" to male teenagers in a sentencing document filed last week, but his lawyer insisted on court records that he never had any physical contact with minors.

Police also found no evidence that Budde has done anything inappropriate as a volunteer for Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, his lawyer wrote in court documents.

Budde's chat sessions with young children led to divorce and the termination of their parental rights, reports Quad-City Times.


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