She put poison in the food..Details of the killing of an Egyptian by his wife and her lover inside his house in Giza, “video”

Al-Marsad Newspaper: An Egyptian woman killed her husband with the help of her lover, after putting poison in his food, and assaulting him by hitting him on the head until he breathed his last.

One of the victim’s neighbors revealed to “Cairo 24”, the details of the incident, that he had met the victim on the night of the incident, as he was going to the pharmacy to buy medicine for blood pressure, and the next day he learned that he had been killed inside his house.

He married her after he divorced his first wife

He added, after that, we learned that it was his wife who killed him, indicating that the victim married her after he divorced his first wife in order to raise his son, whom he had from his first wife, whom he divorced, and throughout his marriage to the accused, we did not see any problems between them.

The security authorities in the Egyptian governorate of Giza received a report stating that a 36-year-old plumber had been found dead inside his house.

The wife and her lover are behind the crime

After legalizing the procedure, it was found that the victim’s wife and her lover were behind the commission of the incident, as the accused put poison in the food and then, accompanied by her lover, beat him with a wooden stick on his head until he died. The detectives succeeded in arresting them and confronting them, they admitted to committing the crime.