She sat naked on the 92-year-old woman’s bed and then asked her to caress her genitals

Based on the motion of the Balassagyarmat District Prosecutor’s Office, the investigating judge of the Salgótarján District Court ordered the arrest of a 21-year-old man from Endrefalva who showed his genitals at the house of a 92-year-old woman and then robbed the pensioner.

The suspect was drunk determined to get money from the 92-year-old. She walked in through the open gate of her house, then sat down on her bed with her pants down and asked her to caress her genitals. The woman refused to do so and called on the drunken young man to leave, but instead began to walk around the room with his pants down.

Meanwhile, he noticed that the scared old woman’s wallet was hidden under her pillow, took the 4,000 forints in it, and left.

The investigating judge in the case arrested the young man suspected of humiliation and plunder because of the risk of recidivism. The decision has been appealed against by the suspect and is therefore not yet final.