She took her daughter to the hospital for a scrape and they gave her up dead: “They returned her in a bag” | World

A 6-year-old girl was taken to a hospital by her mother after she fell while playing with her roller skates. However, days later, she was handed over dead to her relatives. The tragic case occurred in Córdoba,

The girl, identified as Danae Olguín, was taken to Hospital Tomás Ponsone on January 5 for a scrape on her leg. Nevertheless, in said medical center she was diagnosed with COVID-19 after a test, so she was transferred to another clinic.

Karen Baldobino, mother of the minor, explained for
the middle TN
that in the other hospital they explained to him that Danae He had a hospital-acquired virus that would have entered his body through the scrape and said infection caused serious damage to his organs. Unfortunately, three days later, they called the little girl’s parents to tell them that she had died.

“The immense pain that we are going through eight months ago was due to a chain of negligence. I’m not going to get tired of saying it: there was a total abandonment of the person and malpractice. My baby came in with a scratch and they returned it to me in a bag”said Karen Baldobino for TN.

Subsequently, the Institute of Forensic Medicine of the Judiciary was able to determine that Danae died of septic shock that caused cardiac arrest.

Karen says that her daughter had to be given antibiotics from the beginning to treat the infection, but they only gave her morphine. In addition, she was never told what the medical procedure would be for the girl to recover.

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The mother and daughter could never be together in the hospital because they were both diagnosed with coronavirus, but it was the little girl’s grandmother who accompanied her to the medical center.

“My mom woke up because Danae’s body felt very cold. There she realized that her lips and feet were purple. She started calling the nurses and the doctors, and no one was going to see what was going on,” Karen said.

Baldobino denounced the hospital doctors for
mala praxis
in the case of his daughter and a judicial process was opened in order to determine the different responsibilities of this unfortunate fact.