Currently is the US singer
          Demi Lovato (26, "Confident") is still on withdrawal treatment after her nearly fatal overdose. It has been known for some time that she wants to get rid of her villa after the incident. Even
          Justin Bieber (24) and
          Hailey Baldwin (21) already looked at the property in Los Angeles as an interested party. However, the US magazine "TMZ" reports that Lovato would first stay on her house.
It is quite difficult to convey, also because Lovato had some building work done, which deter potential buyers. For example, she converted the garage into a walk-in wardrobe. The security gate at the entrance is also accidentally on public land and would have to be set back. Lovato, however, had already come up with the desired purchase price. Meanwhile, it requires only 9 instead of the original $ 9.5 million.


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