Sheinbaum on aggression to adolescent

The governor’s capital reported that it is in contact with the family of the young woman assaulted. Photo: screen capture


The head of government of the City of Mexico, Claudia Sheinbaumasked the Attorney-General of Justice capital to start an investigation to identify and punish the police officers responsible for assaulting a young woman during the protests that were held the afternoon of this Friday.

In a brief message to the governor capital pointed out that he will not allow managers to ensure compliance with the law, be the first to transgredirla.

Today, a group of people performed acts in front of the Embassy of the united States, and the representation of the state of Jalisco in the City of Mexico. Even when they committed acts of alteration to the order that should be sanctioned di instruction clear and precise to avoid a confrontation, however, not obeyed the orders fully and was committed police abuse against at least a teenager and for my government this is unacceptable.

The governor’s capital reported that is in contact with the family the young man attacked, to give you absolutely all the support that you require.

“Therefore, I am asking the Attorney-General and Justice and the Human Rights Commission of the City of Mexico to open an investigation, identify and punish those responsible, as well as its line of command, regardless of the position of those involved,” he warned.

On the other hand, and through a press release the office of the Prosecutor General of Justice of Mexico City (FGJCDMX) announced that it will request to the Secretariat of Citizen Security, to put at the disposal of the Public Ministry to the elements involved in the assault to assign responsibilities and punish the abuse to the police.

According to his peers, the 16-year-old is hospitalized with bruises on the face and body.


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