Shell and Ceres sign alliance to develop green hydrogen

Ceres and Shell will work with SOEC technology to bring low-cost, high-efficiency green hydrogen to the renewables market

Ceres Power Holdings, a leading developer of fuel cell technology, announced that it has signed an agreement with the company to shell energy; to work in a electrolyzer solid oxide (SOEC) at the megawatt scale and produce green hydrogen around 2023.

In this sense, both companies are building this association to use SOEC technology and thus offer low-cost and high-efficiency green hydrogen; energy widely seen as the route to decarbonizing the global energy system, which still relies on fossil fuels.

Shell aims to become a net zero emissions energy company by 2050; by reducing emissions from its operations and from the energy products it sells to its customers. Ceres for its part, aims to produce hydrogen with efficiencies around 20% higher than other technologies; where it is possible to use waste heat in industrial processes to drive high efficiency.

Ceres has also committed £100 million to the development of its SOEC technology; with the goal of achieving market-leading levelized cost of hydrogen by 2025. The agreement with Shell aligns with Ceres’ business strategy and provides a path for commercialization and development of new markets.

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Green hydrogen in energy transition

The system will be installed at Shell’s research and development technology center in Bangalore, India; where the hydrogen will be used in industrial processes on site. The test program is intended to run for at least three years. The Bangalore Technology Center is a key part of Shell’s focus on innovation and technology; with the potential to provide cleaner energy solutions.

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In this regard, Phil Caldwell, CEO of Ceres, commented:

The announcement with Shell is a very important step for Ceres. The partnership supports our business strategy and points to the potential of our SOEC technology to deliver low-cost green hydrogen; all of the above for industrial decarbonization at the scale and pace needed to reach the Net Zero”.

For his part, Yuri Sebregts, EVP Technology for Shell, stated:

Shell’s Powering Progress strategy sets out a clear ambition for the firm to be a leader in the energy transition, and hydrogen features prominently in that strategy. Ceres, with its distinctive SOEC technology, has the potential to produce hydrogen with an optimal cost and efficiency profile. The collaboration with Ceres is a step forward in maturing this promising technology towards industrial scale.”.

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