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Home News Shell defends LGBT rights in Brunei?

Shell defends LGBT rights in Brunei?

The Eumedion association, which has several shareholders of the Anglo-Dutch oil company Shell in its ranks, pushes the firm to use its influence in Brunei to improve the situation of the community LGBT in the country.

On April 3, Brunei, the small authoritarian sultanate of the island of Borneo, in Southeast Asia, drew criticism from around the world after adopting a penal code inspired by the Islamic Sharia, which introduces punishment death by stoning, especially for homosexuals and those guilty of adultery. As calls for boycott multiply, the oil company Shell may be in a position to support LGBT rights in Brunei.

Supported by about sixty institutional investors, Eumedion, a Dutch association specializing in sustainable development and corporate social responsibility, is expected, according to the



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