Shhh.. There’s a US ‘spy’ ship under the South China Sea

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – China calls US ‘spy’ ships under the South China Sea (SCS). In fact, this activity has been carried out since the end of September 2021.

Through state media Global TimesChina said the ship had collected geographic and underwater hydrological data for the SCS. “To fight China,” the media quoted local military experts as saying.

It said the ship was the USNS Mary Sears. This is a Pathfinder class oceanographic survey ship.

“The ship entered the South China Sea on September 26 and started an extensive survey,” said a Chinese research institute, the South China Sea Strategic Situation Probing Initiative (SCSPI).

From October 1 to 4, the ship operates south of China’s Hainan Island. On 5 to 9 October, the ship approached the Vietnamese coastline and Sunday to the Nansha Islands near the Philippines.

This situation was later linked to the collision with the US nuclear submarine USS Connecticut earlier this month. At least 15 US marines were injured in the incident, when the ship hit an ‘unidentified object’.

The US is said to want to update their SCS map to be more accurate. So the submarine can navigate safely without having to use active sonar, making it “hidden” and finding the “best location for an ambush”.

Meanwhile, US State Department spokesman Zhao Lijian, said Uncle Sam should explain exactly where the submarine accident happened. Whether it causes nuclear leakage or pollutes the environment, and whether it will affect navigation and fishing safety.

“I would like to emphasize that the root cause of the incident, which also poses a serious threat and a significant risk to regional peace and stability, is the persistent problem that the United States has posed in the South China Sea for a long time,” he said.

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LCS itself becomes hotspot US and China tensions. Beijing’s claim to more than 80% of the sea led the US to enter on the grounds of freedom of navigation and protection of allies.

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