Shift System: the meeting between Anwar Husnoo and the trade unionists canceled

Open war between the representatives of doctors and the Ministry of Health. A meeting scheduled between them this Wednesday, August 2 was canceled at the last minute.

Reason given: Minister Anwar Husnoo wanted to meet only three representatives of the unions, while there were five of the latter. Trade unionists wanted to express their grievances over the shift system which entered into force on Tuesday August 1 and which is causing discontent among doctors.

“It is bad faith on the part of the minister to have refused to meet the five trade unionists. Collective bargaining is not done that way. Of course, we all have to be present at this meeting. It seems that the decision has already been taken and that the Minister will not go back on his decision regarding the shift system, ”one of the trade unionists said indignantly. That the Minister of Health, he added, assume his responsibilities.

The president of the general practitioners’ union, meanwhile, speaks of a real lack of planning regarding the rotation system.

However, the unions maintain their general assembly which is scheduled for Saturday, August 5, at Unity House, Beau-Bassin. “The minister is a ‘kapon’ if he does not appear at this meeting to answer the doctors’ questions,” one of the representatives fumed. The unions are considering writing a letter to Anwar Husnoo on this matter.

The Minister of Health, for his part, persists and signs: he will not attend the general assembly. According to him, trade unionists are using pretexts. He believes that the rotation system has many benefits for patients and physicians, especially in hospital emergency rooms.


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