Shin Hyun-soo withdraws his company, Park Beom-gye withdraws from personnel

At the prosecutor’s office conducted by the Ministry of Justice on the 22nd, Byun Pil-gun, who rebelled against Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office Lee Seong-yoon (Justice Training Institute 30th), retained all of the investigation teams in major cases, including the suspected early closure of the 1st Wolseong nuclear power plant. This is the result of reflecting the opinion of Prosecutor General Yoon Seok-yeol. Shin Hyun-soo, who is considered to have played a decisive role in changing the flow of personnel, actually withdrew his appreciation on this day and returned to the Blue House.

New “Appointment as President” Return to work
In the draft of the Ministry of Justice, Yoon Seok-yeol’s tweezers greeting
Shin chief appreciation and Yun overturned by repulsion
Kim Hak’s withdrawal, nuclear investigation team, etc.

“Ministry of Justice and Shin Hyeon-soo and weekend personnel coordination”
Only 18 middle executives say hello
Established the Prosecution Reform TF under the Ministry of Justice

On this day, the Ministry of Justice sent a telegram to 18 high-level prosecutors (intermediate) prosecutors on the 26th. Director Byeon, who conducted the investigation of the Channel A case, Lee Sang-hyun (33rd), the chief of the Daejeon District Prosecutor’s Office, the head of the investigation team at the Wolseong nuclear power plant, and Lee Jung-seop (32th), the head of the suspected illegal withdrawal investigation team of former vice minister of Justice Kim Hak-eui, were all left in office . Byun is a person who rebelled head-on when District Prosecutor Lee Seong-yoon did not reconsider his innocence against Prosecutor Han Dong-hoon.

The Ministry of Justice initially replaced director Byeon and others with “tweezers personnel,” and prepared a draft of the contents to be sent to key positions by the executives who led the discipline of President Yoon. Another critical blow that changed the flow of personnel just before the execution of’Yun Seok-yeol Passing’ and’Tweezers-cutting’ of retaliation was an expression of Shin Chief Company. As this issue emerged, suspicions about the Justice Minister Park Beom-gye raised in relation to the prosecutor’s office on the 7th also began to emerge. These include the fact that he had “passed” Shin and made the announcement of the prosecutor’s office, and the suspicion that he received posthumous approval from President Moon Jae-in only after the announcement. There were even suspicions that there was a request for an inspection requesting responsibility for President Moon’s’passing’. Because of this, there are observations that it may have been difficult for Minister Park to ignore the opinions of the prosecution anymore. There is also an analysis that the personnel have changed 180 degrees as a result of the coordination between him and Secretary Park during the vacation of Chief Shin.

In fact, a senior Cheong Wa Dae official said, “I know that during the vacation, senior Shin also discussed and reviewed (with the Ministry of Justice) regarding the personnel of the prosecutor’s office.” On that day, when asked by the National Assembly Legislative Judiciary Committee, “whether you communicated with Chief Shin about the personnel of the middle executive,” “we met and made a phone call several times.” In my judgment, I think I communicated enough.”

Pil-Geon Byun in charge of’Rebellion against Lee Sung-yoon’, 4 out of 6 members oppose tweezers greetings

Justice Minister Park Beom-gye (right) is in conversation with an official from the Ministry of Justice at a general meeting of the National Assembly Legislative Justice Committee on the 22nd. At the meeting that day, inquiries about the’procedure’ of the prosecution personnel poured out. Reporter Oh Jong-taek

Personnel on this day are analyzed as a result of considering the prosecution’s backlash and negative public opinion. Previously, after confirming the contents of the draft personnel, Mr. Yoon said, “Does it make sense for the prosecutor-level personnel to promote business continuity, and to change the middle officer who has led important investigations or tasks?” Nam-gwan Cho, deputy prosecutor of the Supreme Prosecutors’ Office, also attended the Prosecutors’ Personnel Committee held this morning. In fact, he complained publicly about the draft Ministry of Justice. In the Prosecutors’ Personnel Committee, about four out of six personnel members, including external members, opposed the’tweezers personnel’. One member said, “In fact, all the members were opposed to it.”

As this greeting ends as a result of reflecting a large part of Yoon’s intentions, the conflict between Minister Park and President Yoon is expected to subside for the time being. However, there are also many concerns that it can be reenacted at any time. A member of the legal profession pointed out, “There are minefields, such as the investigation of allegations of illegal withdrawal of the former vice-minister of Wolseong Nuclear Power Plant and Kim Hak, and the promotion of the serious crime investigation office of passports.”

Deputy Prosecutor Na Byeong-hoon (28th term) was appointed as the replacement of the 1st Deputy Prosecutor of the Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office, Kim Wook-jun, who expressed his appreciation during the disciplinary situation of President Yoon. After serving as a human rights inspector at the Seoul Southern District Prosecutors’ Office and Gwangju District Prosecutors’ Office, Deputy Prosecutor Na, who was dispatched to the Military Network Accident Investigation Committee, will assist him at a short distance. Park Jae-eok (29th), the Seoul West District Prosecutor’s Office, was transferred to the Deputy Prosecutor of the Cheongju District Prosecutor’s Office, and Kwon Ki-dae (30th), the Anyang District Human Rights Inspector, was transferred to the Deputy Prosecutor of the Anyang District. The Ministry of Justice also created a Task Force for Prosecution Reform under its subsidiary to accelerate the prosecution reform, and assigned Lee Seong-sik (32th term), head of the Seongnam District 2nd detective department, and Kim Tae-hoon (35th term), vice president of the Busan District Prosecutors’ Office.

On the other hand, the Blue House announced on the 22nd that Shin came back after taking a four-day vacation and took over to President Moon Jae-in. Chung Man-ho, chief of national communication at the Blue House, said, “Shief Shin came to work and said,’I will take over to the President and do my best to perform my duties.’ I also attended the teatime meeting normally this morning.”

In this regard, when asked at the National Assembly on the background of Mr. Shin’s expression, Minister Park said, “I can’t tell you about the greeting process. I will replace it with the presentation of the Blue House.” Still, he virtually denied the allegations of passing the president, saying, “There is no concept in my mind that it violates the president’s personnel rights.”

Regarding this, Rep. Kim Do-eup said, “The suspicion of passing senior citizen Jeong-jeong and passing president is a public concern, but the Minister of Justice says that’I cannot speak’. He criticized him as being arrogant.” On the other hand, Paik Hye-ryeon, a Democratic Party member, said, “The Blue House clarified that it was not true on the suspicion that Park had made a personnel announcement without President Park’s appointment, and that Chief Shin requested the supervision of Minister Park.” There is no problem,” defended Minister Park.

Reporters Kim Soo-min, Kim Min-jung, and Kang Tae-hwa


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