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Home Business Shkodovody told how to buy a Skoda Kodiaq: AvtoMedia: VladTime

Shkodovody told how to buy a Skoda Kodiaq: AvtoMedia: VladTime

The Czech Bear, which has recently appeared in Russia, is of interest to the consumer, but he should learn about the “pitfalls” of the model.

One of the thematic groups in social networks turned out to be very useful for the user, who asked about the advisability of buying a Skoda Kodiaq crossover with a mechanical transmission and a 1.4 engine 150 hp engine. The owner of such a machine answered the questioner that the SUV with manual transmission "sticks the clutch", and therefore "Kodiak" must be taken with a DSG transmission. This robotic transmission has six gears and a double clutch, which has no problems like that of the “mechanics”.

We would like to clarify that “shkodovody” repeatedly complained about the “stinking” clutch of the Skoda Kodiaq with manual transmission. The problem occurs when the transmission is given a large load. And therefore, many argue that it is “right” to buy Kodiak, but by spending more money on the version of the car with Manual transmission.

Another user said that he, too, Skoda Kodiaq with a 150-horsepower engine in conjunction with manual transmission. According to the motorist, the car is quite comfortable for a small city, but for a metropolis with traffic jams, a crossover with “mechanics” will not work, and for a large city it is better to purchase a SUV with manual transmission.

Also, a motorist driving a Kodiak with a 1.4 engine with 125 hp shared a comment about Skoda Kodiaq. This “shkodovod” is fully satisfied with the acquisition, and noted that it uses the crossover as an everyday family city car.

By the way, the Skoda Kodiaq crossover is produced in Russia. Due to this, the price tag for a model in the Russian Federation was significantly reduced. So, "Kodiak" foreign assembly costs in the country 2 million rubles. And for the cross collected in Russia, they are asked for 1,413,000 rubles.

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