shock by the statement of a guest to the cycle of Andy Kusnetzoff SHOW The Intransigent

Andy Kusnetzoff accompanies us every night on the screen of Telefe with «PH We Can Talk». The driver brings together the most important personalities in the country and invites them to meet at his “meeting point” where they reveal the best kept secrets and even the most painful ones. Tonight they accompany him Victoria Tolosa Paz, Débora Plager, Coti, Juariu and Luciano Pereyra.

Victoria Braier, better known as Juariu, is a specialist in discovering the secrets of all celebrities under the “stalker” method where she investigates all their movements on social networks. Tonight, the 35-year-old young woman from Tucumán revealed that at the young age of 29 she discovered that she had breast cancer thanks to a self-examination that was performed while taking a shower.

«In my family there is no type of antecedent so it was surprising, I did not expect it. I was taking a bath and I don’t know why I examined myself but I discovered a lump and said ‘how strange’. I had an ultrasound and that lump was a cyst, but next to it was a seven-millimeter tumor. He was very small. I went to the Italian Hospital and we operated on him », explained the journalist who was located at the meeting point.

He also added “it turned out to be a malignant tumor and to this day I am undergoing hormonal treatment because for five years I have to be in menopause. I had to undergo rays, my family was in Tucumán and my husband was my support. I was faced for the first time to feel that I could die. I had come from a difficult year at work, I could not find a job and I had been complaining a lot about that. When cancer caught up with me, it made me rethink what I was complaining about.

«What happens to me, unlike many people, is that every time I talk about cancer, it doesn’t hurt me, it does me good because it’s like a ground wire. It brings me back to the reality of saying ‘this is what really matters’, then when I talk about it or think about it, it’s like I’m going back to the reality of worrying about nonsense or getting bad blood, “Juariu finally reflected.