Shocked by a Thief Before Self-Defense


Kasmito (74) or Mbah Minto, an old man in Demak Regency, Central Java, was arrested by the police for persecuting fish thieves. Mbah Minto admitted that he was defending himself because he was electrocuted by a fish thief.

“Because I was electrocuted by the same person (man initials M),” said Mbah Minto when explaining the reason he defended himself by slashing the fish thief, to reporters at the Karangawen Police, Demak, Thursday (14/10/2021).

“Yes, the electric shock was hit by the sarong, I just finished praying. Blow it up I. I continue to defend myself. If I don’t defend myself, I will die,” continued Mbah Minto.

Mbah Minto also admitted that he fought fish thieves in the pond he was guarding on the evening of September 7, 2021. He admitted that he was annoyed that many fish were floating as a result of being electrocuted.

“It was stabbed twice, the hard one was the first because of my irritation, because once or twice the fish all died. Floating big, jepet fish, tilapia, and tawes,” he said.

Mbah Minto also said that he also admitted that he had targeted the perpetrators of the theft in the pool area and yard that he was guarding. However, he did not know that the thief he was fighting was the perpetrator of the previous theft.

“Once, twice, three times (lost). I want to know the person, the disease, the missing fish, the thief. Yes, it has been three times (lost). The same person doesn’t know. That person (M) I don’t know, what is it ,” he explained.

Mbah Minto explained the chronology of the incident, namely that the perpetrator was originally in the pool. Then Mbah Minto asked him to go up to the mainland, but instead the thief pointed the stun device at Mbah Minto’s leg.

“The reason is that (M) is in the water. I told him mentas (up) even playing stun. I defend myself,” he explained.

“After the person went up, I retreated two meters. It reached the handle of the guava stem, so it wasn’t strong. If it was strong, I was electrocuted again,” he explained.

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