Shocking details about the suicide of an Egyptian girl.. Her neighbors made up for her pictures

New details revealed about the suicide of the girl Heidi Shehata in the Sharkia Governorate, northern Egypt, after she was subjected to electronic blackmail.

The information revealed that the girl committed suicide by eating a poisonous grain after being subjected to extortion and fabricated pictures that spread her reputation from her neighbors, while Muhammad Al-Yamani, founder of the Qawam campaign against extortion, revealed to Al that the girl’s sister contacted him and informed him that the security services managed to arrest two of those involved. While the rest are on the run.

In turn, the girl’s sister explained that the family’s neighbors, led by a woman, fabricated pictures of her sister to blackmail them, and obtain sums of money from them, which is what happened.

The girl’s sister said that her sister could not bear what was happening and ignored them and took a poisonous grain to take her last breath after all medical efforts to save her failed.

tragic accident

In the early hours of this morning, the village of Haj Ali, affiliated to the city of Awlad Saqr, Sharkia Governorate, north of Cairo, witnessed a tragic accident, in which Heidi Shehta Abdel Fattah, aged 15, who is studying in the first grade of commercial secondary school, died after being subjected to electronic blackmail.

A communication group of the school where the girl is studying revealed on Facebook that the girl was taking the mid-year exams a few days ago, and committed suicide this morning after being blackmailed, amid her inability to resist it.

Sexual blackmail.. and another electronic one

It is noteworthy that Egypt has recently witnessed crimes that shook public opinion, as the girl, Basant Khaled, from Gharbia Governorate committed suicide after consuming a poisonous grain, after she was also subjected to sexual blackmail by two young men who hacked her mobile phone and obtained pictures of her and fabricated and installed them, and republished them in a scandalous and shameful manner. .

Yesterday morning, Saturday morning, the residents of the village of Al-Moatamdiya, affiliated to the city of Al-Mahalla in Gharbia, were surprised by a young wife throwing herself from the balcony of her house, also attempting suicide after being subjected to electronic blackmail by her husband, after he tried to force her to sign trust receipts under duress, in exchange for giving up her entire list of movables and her legitimate rights to In case he wanted to divorce her, he threatened with videos he had filmed of her until the authorities arrested him.