Shocking discovery at Bertramka: Ivana Gottová found rare documents of Karel Gott

Before his death, Ivana promised her husband that he would finish the book in a form that the Master would identify with and be satisfied with to the last detail. Given that new facts have now emerged that Ivana has decided to include in the book, it is more than understandable that working on an autobiography will take much more time.

“Most of the photographs, as well as the cover of the publication and its title, were approved by Karel. He discussed the pictures in September last year, when he had to spend most of his time mostly at home in his chair or in bed. After he left, I found more and more rare artifacts and documents while sorting the archive, which I knew immediately that they should not be missing from the book, and which, I firmly believe, my husband’s fans will enjoy at least as much as I do, ” Ivana told the fans on the social network.