Shocking new.. An emotional affair that blew up the “Mazraa massacre” in Egypt

New information has emerged about the horrific crime that led to the killing of 5 people from one family on a farm in the European countryside in Sheikh Zayed, south of Cairo, which shocked the Egyptians since yesterday, Friday.

After the Egyptian security services revealed that the five victims are a father, his two daughters and his two grandchildren, the nephew of the dead man explained to “Al” that the perpetrator killed his uncle, Adel Zard, who is 54 years old, his eldest daughter Hana, 28, his youngest daughter and his two grandchildren, aged 7 And 5 years where they were in their own nursery on the farm.

Romantic relationship

As for the causes and motives of the crime, the security services explained that a dispute arose between the victim (the father) and the killer, who was romantically related to one of the dead daughter’s daughters.

The story began when a verbal altercation erupted between the victim and the killer, which later developed into a stabbing operation that led to the death of the father.

But for fear of exposure, the perpetrator slaughtered the rest of the family so that he would not be reported, according to the security services.

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While the investigations resulted in determining the whereabouts of the accused in Sohag Governorate, where the security forces were able to arrest him, where he confessed to committing the incident.

It is noteworthy that the dead man’s son discovered the killing of his father, two sisters and two grandchildren, as their bodies were found inside the farm.

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According to investigations, and according to what a security source revealed to, it was found that the crime took place at three o’clock Thursday afternoon, when the authorities found 5 corpses scattered with several stab wounds.